Kim Seon Ho’s International Fans Showed Their Support By Releasing a Music Video, “Kim Seon Ho = You Are My Reason”

Actor Kim Seon-ho’s global fandom supported his comeback.

Kim Seon-ho’s global fandom recently released a support video in the form of a music video titled ‘Kim Seon-ho, you are my reason’ on YouTube.

In the video, which is over 8 minutes long, fans from all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Singapore, the Philippines, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Australia, and Iraq, left supportive comments for him.

In particular, under the theme of “You are my reason,” each attracted attention with the meaning of Kim Seon-ho.

Overseas fans said, “Kim Seon-ho, you are the reason why I learn Hangeul” “The reason I found my passion again” “The reason I felt good” “The reason I smile and smile” “The reason for my sentences” “The reason I believe in love” ” Along with phrases such as “The reason I follow an actor” and “The reason I saw hope for my future. I prayed for Kim Seon-ho to give me strength again.

While domestic fandoms are collecting materials for defamation related to Kim Seon-ho, overseas fans are making their own support videos in their own countries to help Kim Seon-ho’s comeback.

On the other hand, last month, Kim Seon-ho quickly fell from the trending star list after revealing his ex-girlfriend’s marriage pretense for an abortion. However, the situation took a turn when the real name, occupation, divorce history of Kim Seon-ho’s ex-girlfriend, and the texts he shared during his relationship with Kim Seon-ho were revealed.

Ads that were closed or deleted were resumed, and the casting for the screen debut was confirmed again.

As the filming of Kim Seon-ho’s screen debut ‘Sad Tropical’ is scheduled for December, only his return to acting remains.

Watch the video here:



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