[Photo] Hwang In Yeop Has Been Chosen As The Model For Street Casual Brand MARKM

Actor Hwang In-yeop started his acting career by appearing in the web drama ‘ WHY : The Real Reason You Got Kicked by Your Lover’. Since then, he has appeared in KBS ‘The Tale of Nokdu ‘, JTBC ’18 Again’, and tvN ‘Goddess Advent’ one after another, writing filmography without hesitation with his solid acting skills and amazing character digestion. He is currently filming the Netflix original series ‘The Sound of Magic’, which is scheduled to be released next year.

Hwang In- yeop appeared as Han Seo-joon in the tvN drama ‘Goddess Advent’, which ended successfully in February, and showed off his anti-war charm by showing a friendly side as well as a macho side.

The concept of this season with Hwang In-yup is ‘ Always Love , My youth’ , which means ‘always love my youth’ .

This season, Mark M presents a ‘preppy look’ with classic American casual sensibility and a style that utilizes the light sensibility, color, and detail elements found in sportswear, and introduces the ‘city boy look’ that Mark M aims for. In addition to familiar classic patterns such as argyle and tartan check, unfamiliar and pleasant graphics are harmoniously expressed, creating a new youthful appearance unique to Mark M.

In particular, the ‘ ALWAYS LOVE’ lineup presented this season as the next version of Mark M’s signature lineup, ‘ ALWAYS BOY’ , stands out. ‘ ALWAYS LOVE’ is characterized by mixing retro mood and graphic elements with the theme of love between men and women as well as a comprehensive range of love such as companion animals, places, and interests with ‘ ALWAYS LOVE’ lettering. It was released as items such as accessories.

A Mark M official said, “The ‘city boy look’, the brand concept that Mark M aims for, and Hwang In-yeop’s trendy style and bouncy free-spirited image match well, so we chose actor Hwang In-yeop as our model.” We will continue to develop the keyword ‘ ALWAYS’ as our core asset and introduce a new story and product lineup every season, so please pay a lot of attention.”



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