Girls’ Generation’s YoonA faces disrespectful treatment at Cannes Film Festival, fans accuse security of bias

Girls’ Generation member YoonA turned heads at the 77th Cannes Film Festival with her stunning appearance in a princess gown.

However, the attention has shifted from admiration to worry due to troubling incidents involving the festival’s security. Trouble started when Dominican actress Massiel Taveras faced interference from a female security staff during her red carpet moment.

As Taveras tried to show off her elegant gown, adorned with a portrait of Jesus Christ, the security personnel repeatedly disrupted her, hindering her poses and attempts to showcase the dress’s lengthy trail.

Despite Taveras‘s resistance, the security guard persisted in getting in her way, echoing a similar incident involving singer Kelly Rowland just days before.The video of this altercation quickly went viral, sparking outrage as viewers noticed the repeated pattern of behavior by the security personnel.

Further investigation revealed that YoonA had also faced similar treatment from the same individual during her first day at Cannes.

Though YoonA‘s response seemed more subdued compared to Taveras and Rowland, her discomfort was evident.

Critics and fans condemned these actions as racially motivated, pointing out the difference in treatment between women of color and white celebrities.

While white celebrities reportedly faced no interruptions while posing on the same stairs, women of color experienced unwarranted disruptions and discomfort.

In response, people worldwide have come together to condemn the behavior of the implicated security personnel, calling for accountability and swift action, including demands for her dismissal.



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