SHINee’s Taemin gets emotional, remembers Jonghyun during concert: “Hyung, how are you?”

SHINee‘s Taemin shared heartfelt words with his fellow member Jonghyun.

On the sunny afternoon of May 26th, SHINee rocked their 6th solo concert encore show, “SHINee WORLD VI [PERFECT ILLUMINATION: SHINee’S BACK],” at Incheon Inspire Arena.

For three days straight, starting from May 24th, fans flocked to witness this encore gig, packing every corner of the arena, showing SHINee‘s massive fan base.

Kicking off with a mashup of their greatest hits, the boys delivered a jaw-dropping performance, including tracks from their latest album “HARD,” released last year. It was a showcase of their top-notch live skills.

Before the encore, they sang “An Encore,” and that’s when Taemin got teary. His emotions overflowed, especially during Jonghyun‘s part.

He shared, “When it hit me, I thought of Jonghyun-hyung and wondered, ‘Are you doing alright?’ When I opened my eyes, it was like magic, so beautiful. I didn’t expect to get so emotional. It felt like a dream. It was touching.”

Key chimed in, “I was fighting back tears too, but I held it in.”

Minho nodded, “I was overwhelmed too, but I had to snap out of it for the encore. I teased Taemin a bit to lighten the mood.”

Reflecting on the encore, Key said, “Time flew by. It feels like just a moment ago we started. We’ve had our worries, but we’ve had fun. I hope you all felt the same. Let’s keep this going, seeing each other often. If you treasure us like precious mint-colored stars, it’ll give us strength to shine even brighter. We’ll give it our all.”

He continued, “Today, I can’t help but think of someone (Jonghyun) on their own journey. It’s not a sad story; I believe we’re always together. We’ll say our goodbyes as the five of us.”

Onew added, “Your love means everything. We’ve had our ups and downs, and there’ll be more, but please keep loving all five of us.”



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