Kim Soo Hyun’s heartfelt post reminds fans of ‘Queen of Tears’ gets 1.1 million likes from fans worldwide

Actor Kim Soo Hyun recently shared a nostalgic moment from the popular tvN drama ‘Queen of Tears.’

On May 25th, he posted a photo on his personal social media without any caption, letting the image speak for itself.

Fans of ‘Queen of Tears‘ quickly recognized the location and flooded the comments with, “Kim Soo Hyun (Baek Hyun Woo) still misses Kim Ji Won (Hong Hae In),” and, “We miss them too,” showing how much the drama still means to them.

The post received an overwhelming response, racking up over 1.1 million likes. This strong reaction, especially from international fans, highlights Kim Soo Hyun‘s worldwide appeal.

The photo was taken in a charming rural village in Germany. It shows a classic German-style timber house with dark green wooden frames, white walls, and a red-tiled roof. The area is surrounded by lush greenery, making it look serene and picturesque.

In front of the house, there’s a yellow vintage convertible car, adding to the nostalgic feel. A large, old tree with thick branches stands nearby, adding to the natural beauty of the scene.

The peaceful and quiet atmosphere of the German countryside captured in the photo brings back fond memories of the drama for fans. It perfectly blends traditional architecture with nature, creating an ideal setting for relaxation.

Kim Soo Hyun‘s post not only brings back memories of ‘Queen of Tears‘ but also sparks interest in what he’s up to now. Fans are eagerly looking forward to his future projects, hoping for more moments to cherish.



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