Actress Choi Ji Woo talks about having a second child at 50, “I’d need a cane after giving birth”

Actress Choi Ji Woo dismissed the idea of having a second child.

On the June 16th episode of KBS2’s “The Return of Superman,” actress Choi Ji Woo and comedian Ahn Young Mi made their debut as new hosts, grabbing attention.

In 2020, at 46, Choi Ji Woo had her first daughter and is now a mother to a 4-year-old. This is her first time as a variety show host in her 30-year career.

When asked about being a host, she said, “I’m so excited to see the cute kids I’ve only watched on TV. This is a long-running show loved by many. I’ll do my best not to let anyone down.”

Ahn Young Mi then joined the show. Choi Ji Woo said, “I was so happy to hear we’d be working on this program together. I’ve been a fan since your ‘Gollum’ days.” Ahn Young Mi joked, “So, have you seen a lot of my R-rated comedy?”

Choi Ji Woo laughed and said, “Yes, I like it. How old is your baby now?” Ahn Young Mi replied, “He’s 11 months old,” and showed a photo of her baby, ‘Ddak-kong.’ Choi Ji Woo commented, “He’s cute.” Ahn Young Mi then suggested, “You can have a son as your second child!”

Choi Ji Woo sighed, making everyone laugh. She then shared a photo of her daughter Lua. Ahn Young Mi praised, “She’s grown up. So pretty. Her smile looks just like yours.” Choi Ji Woo talked about the challenges of being an older mom, saying, “Since my baby is young, I find myself clinging to life a bit more.”

Ahn Young Mi shared her own experience, “I eat to survive. I used to eat very little, but now I eat two bowls of rice because if I don’t live well, I can’t take care of my baby.”

Choi Ji Woo agreed, “Since the baby is young, I need to live a long life with her.” Ahn Young Mi added, “When my child turns 10, I’ll be 50.” Choi Ji Woo, looking at Ahn Young Mi, who is 8 years younger, said, “I’m envious.”

Ahn Young Mi continued, “I want to have a second child, but I feel like it’s getting too late. Seeing your news, I felt it’s possible.” Choi Ji Woo agreed that having a second child is great but, when asked about her own plans, she waved it off, saying, “It’s too late for me.”

Ahn Young Mi encouraged, “You can do it, you still can.” Choi Ji Woo explained, “I don’t have the stamina anymore. I need to live a little for myself. My body’s worn out.” Ahn Young Mi remarked, “Where else is there someone worn out so beautifully? Let’s turn this into a program that encourages childbirth. Let’s become icons of hope for older mothers.”

Choi Ji Woo responded, “I’ve returned after 4 years, but if I have a second child, I’d need a cane to come out. Would that be okay?” Ahn Young Mi earnestly offered, “I’ll be that cane for you.”



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