“ILLIT’s Creative Director Raises Eyebrows with another Instagram Posts Potentially Targeting ADOR’s Min Hee Jin

In a recent turn of events, ILLIT’s creative director has ignited controversy by sharing a provocative photo on her Instagram. The image has left many wondering if it’s a direct message aimed at ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin.

On April 25, Heo Se Ryun, the creative mastermind behind ILLIT, posted a picture of a raised middle finger on her Instagram story.

Given the ongoing situation between ADOR and HYBE, coupled with the timing of the post, speculations abound that the middle finger was pointed squarely at ADOR’s Min Hee Jin.

But that’s not all. Just a day later, on April 26, ILLIT’s creative director shared yet another enigmatic photo—one that seems to target ADOR once again.

This time, the photo coincided with NewJeans’ release of their music video for the single “Bubble Gum.”

The intriguing image featured a movie poster from a Japanese film titled “Our Little Sister.” Interestingly, the vintage aesthetic of the poster mirrors the vibe seen in NewJeans’ latest music video.

Korean netizens wasted no time in dissecting the situation. They speculated that the creative director’s choice of imagery was a subtle commentary on NewJeans supposedly borrowing from the Japanese film’s style.

Here’s what some of the netizens had to say:

  • “Why does she keep doing this? If she has something to say, she should address Min Hee Jin directly, just as Min Hee Jin suggested.”
  • “Honestly, the movie poster’s vibe isn’t that similar to NewJeans…”
  • “This creative director is becoming an embarrassment.”
  • “I’m genuinely curious about her motives.”
  • “Well, enjoy the movie, I guess. Lol.”
  • “I feel secondhand embarrassment for her.”
  • “I highly doubt she watched that movie before posting the poster.”
  • “It’s painfully obvious what she’s up to.”
  • “Why can’t she just stay quiet?”
  • “Looking forward to her next album, though. Lol.”
  • “Seriously?”
  • “That film delves into dark themes—the father’s affair leading to the birth of the girl in the uniform. But the three sisters accept her… Clearly, she knows nothing about the film. So uneducated.”
  • “She timed this with NewJeans’ music video release.”

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