NewJeans’ Hyein concerns netizens with a cryptic message on SNS, ‘stop copying’

As the conflict between HYBE and its subsidiary label ADOR intensifies, a recent social media post by NewJeansHyein has piqued interest. The post appears to show support for CEO Min Hee Jin in the midst of the ongoing debate over ILLIT‘s supposed similarity to NewJeans.

On March 25 KST, Hyein shared a post on NewJeans‘ fan community. The post included several photos, one of which showed Hyein lying face down with the phrase “stop copying” written in tiny letters.

The timing of the post is noteworthy as it coincides with the debut of ILLIT, another group under HYBE‘s Belift Lab label. Their song “Magnetic” from the album ‘SUPER REAL ME‘ has been the center of attention. Initially ignored, the post has now drawn attention as CEO Min Hee Jin has openly criticized ILLIT for their apparent resemblance to NewJeans, labeling them as imitators.

Hyein‘s message has been interpreted in various ways. Some believe it was aimed at ILLIT, while others speculate it was directed at Haerin, who was seen wearing similar clothes. As the tension between HYBE and CEO Min Hee Jin heightens, NewJeans‘ position in the dispute remains unclear.

Historically, NewJeans members have had a close relationship with CEO Min Hee Jin. However, Hyein‘s recent post has ignited a discussion about their loyalties. CEO Min Hee Jin has always stood by NewJeans members, but Hyein‘s ambiguous post has added a layer of complexity to the situation.

Here are some comments from netizens:

“Don’t repeat the same mistake as FIFTY FIFTY. Avoid getting involved and attacking the members. It never ends well.”

“I hope NewJeans members are wise enough to understand that taking sides in this situation will tarnish their image regardless. Their best option is to remain silent to avoid any harm.”

“Hopefully, unlike the FIFTY FIFTY members, they will remain loyal to their company CEO Min Hee Jin.”

“I think the phrase ‘stop copying’ is an inside joke between Haerin & Hyein because they were wearing matching outfits that day. If this is true, then I don’t think the month-old post is cryptic.”

“Please, don’t start attacking her or the members. They are also victims of this situation.”

“Well… now NewJeans will be sabotaged the same way they were created.”

“People need to relax, they’re reading too much into a post that was made a month ago.”

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