Dispatch Revealed Apink’s Bomi and Black Eyed Pilseung’s Rado to be Dating for a Long Time

In a scoop by ‘Dispatch’, it’s been revealed that Apink’s Bomi and Black Eyed Pilseung’s Rado have been an item since April 2017, clocking in 2,500 days of love.

Their love story kicked off through music, with their relationship blooming over the past eight years.

Their musical collab started with Apink’s 3rd full-length album ‘Pink Revolution’ in 2016, featuring the title track “Only One”, which was penned, composed, and arranged by Rado.

This song became a turning point in their relationship, serving as their first collab as a composer and vocalist.

Over the years, they’ve quietly had each other’s backs in their careers as songwriters and singers. Rado has been a rock for Bomi during her group activities, while she’s been his muse.

A close pal shared insights into their relationship, describing Rado as Bomi’s reliable sidekick and Bomi as Rado’s source of strength. It’s reported that they’ve made promises of a future together.

Currently, Bomi is winning over audiences with her portrayal of Na Chae Yeon in tvN’s ‘Queen of Tears’, where she plays a lovable and devoted character.

Meanwhile, Rado continues to shine as a producer, having contributed to numerous hit songs for various artists, including TWICE, Chung Ha, and Apink.



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