Singer-songwriter So Soo Bin to lend his voice for tvN’s weekend drama ‘Queen of Tears’

The OST of ‘Queen of Tears‘ sung by singer So Soo Bin will be released.

On April 13th, the 8th part of the OST for tvN’s weekend drama ‘Queen of Tears‘, ‘Last Chance‘, will be released.

Last Chance‘ is a song worked on together by music director Nam Hye Seung and composer Park Jin Ho.

It captures love, longing, and desperation that come to one’s side like a miracle every moment. The grand and dreamy sound adds appeal to the fateful narrative of Baek Hyun Woo (played by Kim Soo Hyun) and Hong Hae In (played by Kim Ji Won).

It increased immersion by playing in the epilogue at the bus stop in episode 6 and the scene where Hyun Woo proposes to Hae In in episode 8.

Singer-songwriter So Soo Bin, who has a rich expressiveness and delicate tone, has been noticed for songs with sincere lyrics and soft emotions such as ‘You Are Special’ and ‘I Wish You Well‘.

Not only that, he appeared on JTBC‘s ‘Sing Again 3‘ and left numerous legendary stages such as ‘Stay With Me‘, ‘It’s Not Easy‘, ‘You Said It Easily‘.



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