Fans Notice Kim Soo Hyun Changed One of His Well Known Habits After Working With Kim Ji Won in ‘Queen of Tears’

There’s no denying that ‘Queen of Tears‘ is making waves, and it’s all thanks to the dynamic duo, Kim Ji Won and Kim Soo Hyun. Their on-screen chemistry is so real that it’s got everyone hooked, feeling like they’re part of the characters’ journey.

Off-screen, their bond is just as strong. They’re always seen together during interviews, and they never miss a chance to praise each other.

This has sparked rumors that they might be more than just co-stars. Fans have noticed that Kim Soo Hyun seems a bit shy around Kim Ji Won, leading many to believe that she holds a special place in his heart.

Interestingly, fans have picked up on a unique habit of Kim Soo Hyun. Whenever he flubs a line, he breaks into an opera song, sometimes even singing the line he messed up.

This quirky habit has left many of his co-stars and crew members in stitches. It seems like his way of shaking off the mistake and getting back into character.

But here’s the twist. In all the behind-the-scenes footage from ‘Queen of Tears’, not once has Kim Soo Hyun been caught singing opera.

Even when he messes up his lines, instead of singing, he appears flustered, especially when he’s in a scene with Kim Ji Won.

In one instance, he was so taken aback by his mistake that he stood frozen, clenching his fists, looking utterly lost.

He then retreated to a corner, laughing awkwardly while covering his mouth. Kim Ji Won even had to fan him to help him cool down.

Fans are speculating that Kim Soo Hyun is too shy to make any mistakes in front of Kim Ji Won. He seems hesitant to sing, perhaps fearing it might tarnish his image.

It’s clear that Kim Ji Won is no ordinary co-star to him, as he seems to lose his usual confidence and eccentricity around her.

Fan comments:

“He can’t sing in front of his crush? His eyes are blurry, his legs are shaking, he can’t even look at her.”

“Who would’ve thought Opera boy would turn into Shy boy?”

“He probably doesn’t dare to sing, afraid that Ji Won will think he’s nuts and he’ll lose all his cool.”

“He’s trying to keep his image intact so she won’t get scared and run away.”

“I’ve been his fan for years, and this is the first time I’ve seen him act shy. I have no regrets in life now.”

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