Actress Shin Ye Eun reveals how she became friends with TWICE’s Sana

Actress Shin Ye Eun didn’t hide her fondness for TWICE‘s Sana.

On April 11th, a video popped up on the YouTube channel ‘Daily Seven – 117‘ with the title ‘[Sana’s Fridge Interview] My dream was you. Sana Kim.🌸‘. The video featured Shin Ye Eun as a special guest.

When asked why she decided to appear on the show, Shin Ye Eun pointed at Sana and said, “There are probably a lot of people who have no idea how we became friends.”

Shin Ye Eun then confessed, “I was a huge fan of Sana. I admired her so much that I thought ‘I need to be as charming as Sana.'”

Whenever she bumped into someone who knew Sana at JYP, their shared agency, she would ask them to introduce her to Sana.

Shin Ye Eun‘s determination eventually reached Sana, and their friendship began when Sana made the first move and approached Shin Ye Eun at an event they both attended.

They swapped phone numbers at their first meeting. Sana clarified, “I don’t just do this with anyone. We’re both from JYP, but we’d never had a conversation before.”

After the event, Shin Ye Eun didn’t waste any time and texted Sana as soon as she got home. They made plans to meet up that very day and fondly remembered their unique first encounter.

Interestingly, during their first meeting, they both confessed their desire to “go overseas to study English.” Sana was taken aback when Shin Ye Eun responded, “It would be amazing if we could go together.”



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