Actress Han So Hee accused of faking a fan letter due to similar handwriting

Actress Han So Hee recently stirred up some buzz when she posted a fan letter she received on her social media. The mystery of who penned the note has fans and netizens alike intrigued.

Speculations are rife that the actress might have written the note herself, given the striking similarities between her own speech style and handwriting, and those evident in the fan’s note.

Han So Hee responded to these speculations on April 10th by posting her reply to the fan’s note on Instagram.

The fan’s note read, “Are you by chance Han So Hee unnie? If you are, I just wanted to ask if you were at peace these days. I didn’t want to be a burden and bother you while you were resting, so I didn’t come up to you. I like you a lot. From a fan.”

In response, Han So Hee wrote, “Yes, it’s me. Thanks for recognizing me. These days… hmm…I’m trying to fix and change my thoughts. Thanks to you, I’ve received even more motivation today. Thanks for noticing me! – Sohee”.

This exchange is seen as an indirect way for the actress to express her feelings about recent controversies. However, some netizens are skeptical, pointing out that the note’s handwriting and tone bear a striking resemblance to Han So Hee‘s own.

Netizens noted, “The phrase ‘If you are, I just’ in the fan letter is something Han So Hee often says”, “The handwriting is identical”, “The way ㅁ, ㅈ, ㄷ are written is similar”.

One netizen even made a direct comparison between Han So Hee’s handwritten note and the fan’s note.

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