Actor Ju Ji Hoon confesses he was a victim of bullying, “I still remember how cowardly I was”

Actor Ju Ji Hoon recently opened up about his personal experience with school bullying.

In a recent episode of ‘짠한형’ on YouTube, titled ‘주지훈 EP.37 음모 멈춰! 역대급 음모 대결(?) 주지훈vs신동엽’, Ju Ji Hoon shared his memories from his school days when bullying was widespread. He mentioned, “Our grade had 19 classes with 75 students each, totaling around 4,000 students.”

He went on to say, “There were quite a few bullies. They were the kind who would physically assault others, but they didn’t bother me because I was tall. From middle school onwards, they started forming groups and initiating fights. Instead of a fair one-on-one fight, they would threaten to bring their older siblings. It was terrifying when they showed up with someone as intimidating as Kang Ho Dong. I still remember how cowardly I thought it was.”

Ju Ji Hoon expressed his relief at not having participated in such violence, saying, “I’m an actor now, and I’m grateful that I didn’t engage in bullying when I was younger. In fact, I was the one being bullied until I finished high school. The group demanded my submission. I didn’t give in completely, but I did yield a bit.”

In addition, Ju Ji Hoon shared an amusing anecdote about a recent drinking party with Sung Si Kyung. He admitted, “I met Sung Si Kyung and Jo Seung Woo during reserve forces duty. We quickly became close, like brothers. We’ve had drinks together twice, and both times, I ended up falling over.”

He also candidly discussed his thoughts on marriage. Ju Ji Hoon confessed, “I think about marriage constantly. It’s a common topic these days. I see a lot of news about declining birth rates, and I feel that I should definitely get married.”

However, he added, “But I’ve been too busy. I’ve had relationships and breakups, and through this process, I’ve started questioning myself. Can I be a good partner? I worry a lot about whether I can be a good father. I feel like I’m not ready yet, and it’s not about the other person.”



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