‘RESCENE’ makes remarkable debut on Hanteo charts just 10 days after release

K-pop’s latest sensation, ‘RESCENE‘, is making waves both domestically and internationally with their debut album ‘Re:Scene’. The group, consisting of Woni, Liv, Minami, May, and Zena, has hit the ground running and shows no signs of slowing down.

As per their agency, THE MUZE Entertainment, ‘RESCENE‘ has made an impressive debut, securing the 10th spot in the initial sales ranking of K-pop girl group debut albums, as compiled by Hanteo Chart.

This achievement is all thanks to their debut album ‘Re:Scene‘, which has been making steady strides since its release.

One of the album’s tracks, ‘YoYo‘, has already racked up over 7.34 million views on its music video and has crossed the 500,000 streams mark on Spotify, the popular music streaming platform.

Not to be outdone, the album’s title track ‘UhUh’ is quickly gaining popularity. The music video for ‘UhUh’ has garnered over 4.34 million views and has been praised for its performance, perfectly encapsulating the album’s ‘Burning Flower’ concept.

The visually stunning choreography, coupled with the group’s strong vocals, has showcased a side of ‘RESCENE’ that goes beyond just being ‘visual dolls’.

As of now, ‘RESCENE’ is actively promoting ‘UhUh’ and has plans to engage with fans through a variety of content in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates on this promising group!



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