“She’s more like Kazuha” — Japanese student running grandfather’s restaurant gains fame for resembling NewJeans’ Minji

A Japanese college student who took over her grandpa’s restaurant is making waves because she looks like Minji from NewJeans.

A week ago, a YouTube channel called SugoUma Japan told the story of two college girls who now manage a small eatery in Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture.

The restaurant’s granddaughter decided to keep it going after her grandpa passed away from cancer. A friend joined her to help out.

They came up with their unique dishes to boost the business and became popular for their huge fried rice bowls.

This video got attention in Korea, not just for the tasty fried rice.

The granddaughter running the restaurant grabbed the spotlight among Korean online users for her stunning looks and her uncanny resemblance to NewJeansMinji.

One Korean netizen said, “I saw this video on my feed and was shocked, so I’m sharing it here.” They posted various photos with the title, “The Japanese Ramen Restaurant Owner Who Looks Like NewJeans’ Minji.”

Korean netizens were amazed and commented:

“She’s so pretty!”

“She really does resemble Minji.”

“She has the same vibe.”

“In the video, she looks even more like Minji than in still photos.”

“I actually thought she was Minji.”

“I was curious about how much she looks like Minji, and I was surprised when I saw the photos.”

“She looks like a celebrity more than some Japanese celebrities, lol.”

“She kinda looks like Nana too.”

“This is crazy.”

“I may not think she’s Minji, but she’s definitely very pretty.”

“She’s more like Kazuha”

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