“I prefer her without makeup” — Girl’s Day member Sojin wows fans with makeup-free natural beauty

Sojin, a member of the famous girl group Girls’ Day, recently gave fans a glimpse into her life without stage makeup. She proudly shared some selfies on her Instagram, revealing her bare face.

In these pictures, Sojin confidently shows off a more natural look, quite different from her usual makeup-heavy appearance on stage.

Even without all the glitz and glamour, her charm still shines through. She posed candidly with various expressions, giving off a relaxed and authentic vibe.

No matter the setting, she effortlessly snapped selfies in stylish clothes, highlighting her natural beauty even more.

Netizens who saw Sojin‘s refreshing change had only good things to say:

“She looks like she’s born in 1986?”

“She’s beautiful even without makeup.”

“Her skin looks amazing.”

“I prefer her without makeup.”

Born in 1986, Sojin proves that age is just a number, as she continues to amaze her fans at 37.

But she’s not just a talented singer; she’s a versatile star. Nowadays, she’s also pursuing an acting career, earning praise for her roles in TV dramas like ‘Bo-ra! Deborah‘ and ‘Delightfully Deceitful.’

With her recent photos, Sojin keeps inspiring fans, showing that there’s a down-to-earth, genuine side to her beyond the glamorous stage persona.



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