“2-3 times?” — Actor Kang Ha Neul shares fun memories of kissing Ji Chang Wook on ‘The K-Star Next Door’

Popular actor Kang Ha Neul recently appeared on ‘The K-Star Next Door,‘ a famous YouTube show, alongside his co-star Jung So Min from their upcoming movie ‘30 Days.’

The show’s host, Jonathan, joined in on the fun, creating lots of laughter.

During the show, Jonathan surprised Kang Ha Neul by sharing old pictures and untold stories from their past. That’s when Kang Ha Neul spilled the beans about kissing actor Ji Chang Wook!

Jonathan asked directly, “You kissed Ji Chang Wook?” At first, Kang seemed a bit confused, but then he remembered the moment.

He casually revealed that he had kissed Ji Chang Wook multiple times during their work together in a musical called ‘Thrill Me.’ In fact, they kissed “2-3 times” during each performance!

Surprisingly, Kang Ha Neul mentioned that Ji Chang Wook holds the record for being the co-star he’s kissed the most in his career so far.

But the story didn’t end there. Kang Ha Neul shared an interesting lesson he learned from these intimate scenes with Ji Chang Wook: “I realized why men have to shave before kissing.

It turns out this experience was almost like an acting training session and helped him improve his skills.



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