“They seem similar” — Netizens say TWICE’s Sana and Kim Jin Young  displayed incredible chemistry together

TWICE‘s Sana was a special guest on the YouTube show ‘Dex’s Fridge Interview‘ on September 21.

It was a lively episode where Sana and Dex had a relaxed conversation while making Sana‘s favorite dishes and snacks. They also showed what was in Sana‘s fridge.

Dex was a bit nervous about meeting Sana, even though he has had many guests on his show before. He welcomed her warmly and even mentioned that Sana is his “ideal type.”

After the show, they took a selfie together, and people on the internet liked how they looked together.

Here are some comments from Korean netizens:

“They look great together.”

“Dex is good-looking.”

“Their chemistry is lovely.”

“They seem similar.”

“I like them as a pair.”

“Maybe they could be siblings or a couple!”

“They have a resemblance.”

“I approve of them.”

“They really do look alike in some way.”

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