“Praying for her neck though” Rowoon once again became a hot topic for the huge height difference with her female lead

There’s about 30 cm between them.

Since his start in 2016, Rowoon has been known for being one of the tallest male idols. His official height is 189cm (6ft 3in), but many internet users think he is taller.

Rowoon has always been tall, but what surprises fans is how tall he is compared to the other people he is with.

Rowoon towers over female idols and even some of the biggest male idols, which shows how big he really is.

Netizens have also liked the difference in height between him and his female co-stars, like Kim Hye Yoon, Jo Bo Ah, and Park Eun Bin, in the movies he has been in.

Rowoon will be in the new K-Drama The Matchmakers, which will also star Cho Yi Hyun, a rising star.

On September 22, new pictures from the show’s script reading were made public.Fans were really interested in two photos because they showed the huge difference in height between Rowoon and Cho Yi Hyun, who is 160cm tall.

When the pictures were posted online, people couldn’t get over how cute it was that the two were different heights.

Fans couldn’t help but notice how tall Rowoon is compared to his other female stars, and the differences are just as shocking as each other.

Rowoon will always be taller than the women he works with or acts with, no matter what part he has. Still, the hero keeps showing how professional he is by never making it look weird.



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