“Stop sleeping on Soobin!” MOAs Demand that BIGHIT MUSIC To Treat TXT’s Soobin More Fairly, Criticizing Its “Unfair” Treatment

Some of his friends think he isn’t getting fair treatment.

MOAs want BIGHIT MUSIC to be nicer to TXT‘s Soobin.

Some fans think that TXT‘s boss, Soobin, hasn’t had enough lines in recent songs with other artists, like “Do It Like That,” which features the Jonas Brothers, and “Back for More,” which features Anitta.

Yes, it can be hard to fit so much into a short song, especially when there are more than just the five members of TXT involved.

MOAs have seen similar things in TXT‘s own music, like “Devil by the Window,” even though he is a talented singer.

With few words comes little to no screen time in music videos and rarely being in the middle of the action during shows.

Since he is the head of the group, this seems strange, but MOAs have seen this happen more than once.

Soobin has also been saying for two years that he wants to put out a solo song. Still, he hasn’t been able to do it.

So, #BigHitTreatSoobinBetter has become a popular MOA, asking his company, BIGHIT MUSIC, to be fair to Soobin. At the time of writing, over 7,000 people have used the term.

MOAs want BIGHIT MUSIC to treat Soobin better and give him more chances to show off his skills, but they also want to make it clear that this doesn’t mean they hate the other members or won’t watch their upcoming comeback.

MOAs will always support TXT, which means that they want the members to be treated properly.



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