“With that face value, any hairstyle looks good on her!” Fans want to see IVE’s Jang Wonyoung with bangs after an edited picture goes popular

The excitement over IVE‘s Jang Wonyoung and her mesmerizing images is back on the internet.

A fan-edited picture of the young idol that went viral in Korean online communities set off this current wave of love.

Wonyoung first became well-known as a member of the famous girl group IVE. Since then, her talent and beauty have wowed audiences.

On September 7, a photo of the young star was posted on the famous online community Instiz. In the picture, Wonyoung wore bangs that made her look even cuter.

The idol’s picture was changed to show her with full bangs, giving fans hope that she might try out this new haircut soon.

Fans and users couldn’t help but comment on how cute Wonyoung looked, saying things like, “She looks so darn adorable,” “Was this picture changed?” “She’s so beautiful,” “This is so strange, she looks like a doll,” “She’s just so cute!” “But she’s so skinny,” “I’d also like to see her with short hair.” “It looks great on her, even if the picture was edited,” “With that face, Wonyoung would look good with any hairstyle,” and “I love it.”



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