Get to Know these 2nd Gen Female Idols who made a Successful Crossover to Acting

In the entertainment business, which is always changing, K-pop stands out as a giant that shapes and changes pop culture trends all over the world.

It’s a great place for artists with a wide range of skills to grow. Not only do they wow audiences with their singing and dancing, but they also try their hands at playing, which shows a completely different side of their skills.

As K-pop grew, the second generation of idols brought in a golden age by breaking new ground and setting marks that had never been done before.

Many of these famous people were good at more than one thing. They could sing and dance, but they were also skilled players who found their own places in the worlds of film and TV.

As we take a trip down memory lane in the Korean entertainment business, we find a great group of second-generation female K-pop idols who tried acting and left an indelible mark with their spellbinding performances.

Let’s look at some second-generation K-pop stars who went on to become well-known actors.


IU started out as a singer in the late 2000s, but she quickly started acting as well. In 2011, the famous drama “Dream High” was IU‘s first role.

Her other well-known books are “Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo,” “My Mister,” and “Hotel Del Luna.”

After School’s Nana & UEE

Nana and UEE first became well-known when they were in the band After School. In addition to music, they also ruled the acting world. Nana has wowed viewers with her roles in “Mask Girl,” “Glitch,” and “Justice.”

UEE started acting in 2009, and since then, she has had a very stable job. “Ghost Doctor” and “Marriage Contract” are two of her most well-known plays.

Apink’s Eunji and Na-eun

Eunji, who is the lead singer of Apink, and Na-eun, who used to be in the group but left, are both well-known actors.

In 2021, Na-eun left the group and became an actor for YG Entertainment. Na-eun has been in shows like “Ghost Doctor” and “Agency,” while Eunji has been in “Work Later, Drink Now” and “Blind.”

Reply 1988” has made Lee Hye Ri a very well-known actor. Her performance as the main character, Sung Dok Sun, won the hearts of the audience and won her many awards and honors.

Girl’s Day’s Lee Hye Ri

Lee Hye Ri has also shown how good she is at playing in “My Roommate is Gumiho” and “May I Help You.”

Girls’ Generation’s YoonA, Yuri, Sooyoung, Seohyun

YoonA, Yuri, Sooyoung, and Seohyun, who are all part of Girls’ Generation, are known for their acting work.

Yoona has been in famous dramas like “King the Land,” “Big Mouth,” and “The K2.” Yuri is known for her parts in “Bossam: Steal the Fate” and “Innocent Defendant.” Sooyoung‘s playing skills have been shown in “Not Others” and “So I Married an Anti-fan.”

Seohyun has also become known thanks to shows like “Jinxed at First” and “Time.”

f(x)’s Krystal

Krystal Jung, who is in the group f(x), has made a name for herself as a great actor. Her playing skills shine in a wide range of South Korean dramas and movies, such as “The Hiers,” “Prison Playbook,” and “Crazy Love,” among others.

Bae Suzy

Bae Suzy, who used to be in the group miss A, became known for how well she could act. In 2011, she made her acting debut in the drama “Dream High.”

Suzy‘s playing career grew as she got parts in popular dramas like “While You Were Sleeping,” “Start-Up,” and “Vagabond.”

Wonder Girls’ Ahn So Hee

Ahn So Hee, who goes by the name “Sohee,” is a South Korean actress who used to be in the group Wonder Girls.

Sohee has been in a lot of shows and movies since she started acting in 2004. Some of them are “Train to Busan,” “Welcome to Waikiki Season 2,” and “Missing: The Other Side.”

These skilled second-generation idols have shown that they can do more than just sing. Their acting skills have wowed audiences, and they have earned their rightful places among South Korea’s most popular actresses.



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