“A collab with NewJeans, please” — AKMU steadily climbs up the domestic music charts with addictive track “Love Lee”

AKMU‘s latest track “Love Lee” is making waves on the domestic music charts!

AKMU, composed of Lee Chanhyuk and Suhyun, released their 4th single, ‘Love Lee, on August 21 KST. This song has been steadily gaining attention thanks to its catchy melody, especially in the chorus.

Netizens have been sharing it on social media, and many are joining in on the fun by dancing to its catchy choreography, including NewJeans who joined in on the TikTok dance challenge recently.

Love Lee” is currently ranking in the top 10 on all major domestic music daily charts as of September 3. It has reclaimed the #1 spot on Bugs, maintained its position at #5 on Vibe, and reached a new peak at #5 on Genie. On Melon‘s daily music chart, it also achieved a new high at #4.

AKMU cleverly played with words in the title of their 4th single, ‘Love Lee,’ which sounds like ‘Lovely‘ while incorporating their surname “Lee.” This choice has piqued curiosity about the new music they are delivering.

K-pop fans and netizens have been impressed and left comments like:

“AKMU’s music always delivers… they truly have the public’s pick.”

“Impressive! This may be unrelated, but Jungkook is also making waves considering the competition.”

“They just keep on rising.”

“This song is amazing!”

“I need to give this song a listen.”

“The song is too good to miss.”

“I hope they reach #1!”

“Let’s appreciate AKMU without mentioning other artists.”

“They would match well with NewJeans’ album’s color scheme. A collaboration would be great!”

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