“Meowww, princess kitty is here to charm us!” NewJeans’ Haerin gets noticed for her “Expensive Cat” visuals at a recent event

K-Pop’s official kitty cat!

Haerin, who works for NewJeans, recently went to an event at Dior’s main store in Seongsu, Seoul. The party was a way to honor the famous Lady Dior bag.

Haerin put a fringe in her hair in the popular “sesame leaf” style.She was dressed in a pink dress with pearl buttons and a high collar.

The preppy dress was perfect for her age because it was both girly and traditional.

Her makeup was mostly in pink tones, and her long eyelashes made her eyes look like cats.

Her beauty could be seen better on camera phones.

The flowery pattern on her Lady Dior bag added some much-needed color and fun.

She may have been the youngest famous person there, but she didn’t just hang out.

Netizens were amazed by how much she looked like a cat. The expensive materials and bags made her look even better. That day, she looked like a princess.

I was the one who should have given birth to her.
She looks like a princess from the country of kkoyangie.
The kitten is so cute as a cat.
Haerin is really cute and beautiful.
Wow, she looks like a baby princess cat. So lovely.
What a tyke.
She’s a princess kitten, FR.
The princess.

At the Dior event that day, Haerin had a very royal air about her. Watch the movie below to see her in all her glory.



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