“Indeed a Typa Girl!” BLACKPINK’s Jennie Shocks Fans by Revealing Stunningly Defined Abs in a Jaw-Dropping Display

She’s been taken!

BLACKPINK recently did a show in Los Angeles as part of their “Born Pink” tour. Their show was so famous that it made news.

Along with the other members, Jennie didn’t take long to go popular on social media because of how beautiful she is and how good she is on stage.

Fans were amazed by how well she could act…

…as well as her perfect looks, like her beautiful slim body.

But when she showed off her secret abs, she really shocked her fans. Jennie‘s abs were on full show when she wore a crop top and a skirt with a high waist.

Her small waist and strong core muscles show how hard she works to keep her slim body.

Even with the bright lights in the stadium, her “11 abs,” also known as the shape on the side/oblique of one’s stomach, were easy to see.

Jennie is a great reason to work out.

In her most recent Instagram pictures, she also showed off her flat stomach. Look at them down below.



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