“I enjoy watching their closeness!” Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih responds to her brother TXT’s Hueningkai favoring his fandom over her

This is the most sibling energy ever!

Our favorite K-Pop brothers, Huening Bahiyyih of Kep1er and Hueningkai of TXT, are going viral for making fun of each other in public.

From making dance tasks for TikTok…

…to making fun of each other’s fans…

Fans can’t get enough of how nice these kids are to each other. Now, they can’t stop making fun of each other.

Hueningkai was asked to choose between his group’s fandom, MOA, and his sister, Bahiyyih, in a recent live show. He picked MOA right away, and his answer to the question went viral.

Bahiyyih saw the video clip of her older brother picking his fandom over her, so of course she knew about it.

So, when she had her own live show and had to choose between her fans and Kep1ian (Kep1er’s fandom), she picked her fans.

“Kai oppa vs. Kep1ian. Isn’t it obvious? Kep1ian. KE-PEUL-LI-AN. Say “Ke-peul-li-an!”Huening Bahiyyi

Bahiyyih told Hueningkai that she had seen the tape where he chose MOA over her. When she said his name, she raised her hand as if she was mad at him. She said, though, that she likes MOAs more than him.

“Kai Huening… I saw the movie. I also like MOAs. My brother likes MOAs more than I do. MOAs and Kpian.”Bahiyyih Huening

Years ago, Bahiyyih also picked Soobin, the leader of TXT, over her brother as her favorite member of the group. She shared a picture of Hueningkai with Soobin as a joke.

They really are related. They make fun of each other, but they love and support each other more than anyone else! Below, you can read what good things Bahiyyih had to say about her brother.



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