“I might end up in the news again” — Lee Mi Joo makes a hilarious confession about her recent viral bikini photos

Singer Lee Mi Joo caught attention by admitting she edited her “bikini photo.”

On August 19, the other cast members made fun of Lee Mi Joo for wearing a school uniform during an episode of the show “Hangout with Yoo.”

On that day, she showed photos she took herself at a store across the street before the recording. Haha teased her right away, saying the road in the background looked curved. Joo Woo Jae joked that she took the photos as if there was nothing behind her.

Yoo Jae Suk joined in, suggesting her new solo stage name should be ‘Bend‘ since she had confessed to photoshopping her pictures.

Lee Mi Joo got a bit upset and admitted, “Honestly, I photoshop everything.” She explained that people only focus on the background when she shares photos on social media, whether they’re bent or not.

In the past, her video about photoshopping a “Bikini Photo” became really popular on YouTube.

Haha and Lee Yi Kyung were excited to hear the truth about her bikini photo and jokingly said, “An article claims it’s an ‘unphotoshopped photo with no bends’.”

This made Lee Mi Joo laugh as she nervously said, “Let’s not discuss this. I might end up in the news again.”



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