“OMG, she looks perfect!” aespa’s Karina Stuns Netizens with Natural Beauty in Viral Unedited Photo Revelation

Is this how she really looks?

People on the Internet are talking about Karina‘s new, unedited pictures.

The post “Wow, Karina‘s Unedited Photo’s Class” went popular on August 16. In the post, a netizen put up a bunch of pictures of Karina.

In the pictures, Karina isn’t wearing as much makeup as usual, but her extraordinary beauty is still clear.

Some people said that the pictures were too beautiful to have been taken without any editing.

“Do your eyes look funny? It’s clear that the pictures have been changed.”— Web users

The fans then gave the reporter unretouched pictures of the idol, which are known for being unflattering.

Many people thought that the photos taken by the reporter showed that the pictures in the original post were not changed.

“Nate Pann users always post hate messages, even when aespa isn’t pushing, because they feel like they’re not good enough. The people who don’t like aespa can’t take its success.”

“Here’s an unedited photo of a reporter that she ate.”

“Here’s a picture of her killing a reporter.”

“This is a real picture that she ate of a reporter.

So, what do you think?


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