“Isn’t Jo In Sung her ideal type?” — Devoted fans join forces to disprove claims that Seventeen’s Hoshi and Red Velvet’s Yeri are dating

The internet is once again abuzz, particularly within Korean online communities.

Following the recent dating rumors surrounding Joshua, yet another member of the group Seventeen has found themselves caught up in dating speculation.

A Weibo post on August 10 suggested that Hoshi and Red Velvet’s Yeri might be dating, which sparked discussion in a number of online communities.

This unidentified post, which has been translated and circulated across different Korean online platforms, alleges that there are subtle concealed messages within Yeri‘s social media posts that were shared on Hoshi‘s birthday.

Additionally, the post puts forward the idea that these two idols went on a joint trip to Jeju Island and were spotted at the same events.

This round of speculation involving another pair of well-known idols swiftly propagated throughout the online landscape, captivating the interest of netizens.

Numerous Korean netizens remain dubious about these fresh rumors and have shared their thoughts:

“This seems like the imagination of an overseas fan.”

“What’s going on?”

“Isn’t Jo In Sung considered Yeri’s ideal type?”

“They should give Hoshi some space.”

“I don’t think it really matters if they’re dating. Both being celebrities, they probably won’t attend each other’s concerts.”

“Are they joking?”

“The attempt seems so contrived that it’s hard to put any belief in it.”

“Hoshi seems active on Weverse, while Yeri frequently engages on Instagram and Bubble.”

“There are plenty more posts on Weibo that debunk this assertion, haha.”

“They should present more substantial evidence to support the claim of their relationship.”

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