“I’m so excited!” Actress Kim So Hyun to Star Alongside Park Bo Gum in Upcoming Drama ‘Good Boy’

Exciting news for K-drama fans as actress Kim So Hyun is set to collaborate with Park Bo Gum in the upcoming drama ‘Good Boy.’

On August 4th, an insider from the entertainment industry revealed to Sports Chosun, “Kim So Hyun is scheduled to take on the lead role in the drama ‘Good Boy.'”

Keyeast, Kim So Hyun‘s agency, subsequently confirmed the news, stating, “She has received the offer and is currently reviewing it.”

‘Good Boy’ revolves around the captivating story of Olympic special recruits who, instead of basking in the glory of medals, become police officers to combat the injustices of the world.

The drama will be helmed by the talented director Lee Dae-il, known for creating the acclaimed ‘Aide’ series, and the accomplished director Sim Na-yeon, whose prowess is evident from works such as ‘Monster’ and ‘Bad Mom.’

Anticipation for ‘Good Boy’ is soaring, primarily due to its intriguing lineup of characters, who are portrayed as unpopular athletes.

The drama promises a unique viewing experience as these “Olympic Avengers” unite in the face of unexpected accidents, livelihood struggles, and personal circumstances to form a special task force dedicated to combating powerful and heinous crimes.

Joining the stellar cast are already confirmed actors Park Bo Gum and Oh Jung Se.

Kim So Hyun, currently busy wrapping up filming for ‘Love Alarm 3,’ will soon immerse herself in the preparation for ‘Good Boy.’

Although she has previously showcased her talents in romance genres with dramas like ‘If You Love Me,’ ‘Is It a Coincidence,’ and ‘Love Alarm 3,’ Kim So Hyun has also proven her mettle in action-packed scenes through works like ‘The Tale of Nokdu’ and more.

Therefore, the anticipation is palpable among fans to witness the synergy that will be created when Kim So Hyun reunites with action in ‘Good Boy.’

As the casting lineup takes shape and production gears up, the excitement continues to build around ‘Good Boy,’ which promises to be a compelling and exhilarating drama, bringing together the stellar talents of Kim So Hyun and Park Bo Gum in the lead roles.



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