“She is beautiful inside and out” Han So Hee tells her fans not to lose weight to be “skinny like her”

Both the outside and the inside are beautiful.

Han So Hee did a live show not too long ago. A fan had sent her a direct message (DM) asking why she didn’t do live shows more often.

Han So Hee turned on her live stream as soon as she woke up on August 4, 2023, because she loves her fans so much.

She showed off the new flip phone she’s been using during the live stream. Han So Hee didn’t mind that she didn’t have a smart phone because she had other people take her social media pictures for her.

The retro phone also works fine with messenger apps.

Another fan said that they “wanted to be just as skinny as her.” When Han So Hee saw that, she told the fan right away to take care of their health instead.

“You should not be as thin as me. Protect your health at all costs. Even though inner beauty is important, my job is to show off how I look on the outside, so I lose weight to do that. If that hadn’t happened, I would have kept the same weight. I don’t think you can base your idea of beauty on whether someone is skinny or fat. It would be great if the clothes you want to wear fit you ideally, but I hope you don’t lose weight in a way that hurts your health. You are not pretty just because you are thin. To be pretty, you have to be healthy.”Han So Hee

People say that Han So Hee is small and thin.

Since a big part of a celebrity’s job is how they look, it is likely that they will lose weight for the cameras. Han So Hee is right when she says that health is beauty for most people.



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