‘Hunting Bar’ Photo of RIIZE’s Sohee Surfaces Online: Netizens’ Worries of Potential Kim Garam Scenario

SM Entertainment has officially introduced all three “hidden” members of their upcoming 7-member rookie boy group, RIIZE.

Following the announcement, various K-Pop online communities are being flooded with past pre-debut photos of these soon-to-debut idols.

Among the three newly revealed RIIZE members, there’s been a heated discussion surrounding Sohee.

Netizens have been discussing a photo of Sohee and one of his friends taken at a “hunting bar” in Ansan. These establishments, known as “hunting pochas” or “solo pochas,” not only offer food and drinks but also the potential to socialize and “hook up” with others.

Another pre-debut photo depicts Sohee posing with a group of friends outside the gate of Siheung Neunggok Elementary School.

The attention was drawn to a comment allegedly left on an Instagram post, which referred to it as their “damn starting place” in a wordplay on a Korean curse word.

Sohee, born on November 21, 2003, is the main vocalist of RIIZE according to the group’s description.

Comments from netizens:

“If he visited the hunting bar as an adult, it might not be a big issue, but it’s off-putting if he wants to debut as a K-Pop idol.”

“Did he go to the hunting bar when he was still a trainee?”

“Based on these photos, it seems like he’s just fooling around with his friends. Not suitable for a K-Pop idol.”

“A K-Pop idol going to hunting bars? I’ll pass.”

“He’s already causing controversy within a day of being revealed. It’s always the average-looking ones who create the most trouble.”

“He obviously didn’t go to the hunting bar just to eat and drink.”

“If this is what’s coming up a day after the reveal, I’m worried about what else might surface.”

“Why is SM Entertainment putting this troublesome kid in a group with Sungchan and Shotaro?”

“Let’s hope this is all there is, unless they want another Kim Garam situation.”

“Not just the hunting bar, but also his Burberry shoes and friends… they all indicate what kind of person he was.”

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