“NewJeans Hanni?” — aespa’s Karina finally reveals her 4th gen girl group biases and it might not be who you expected

In the last couple of years, the music industry has witnessed the emergence of an exceptionally talented fourth generation of idols, particularly in the realm of girl groups.

Among these rising stars, aespa‘s Karina stands out as one of the most popular members, gaining immense popularity since her debut.

Recently, during a fan call event, Karina was asked by her fans to reveal her biases among other popular 4th generation girl groups.

With a joyful expression, Karina happily shared her choices, selecting four fellow female idols from top-rated girl groups.

Her picks included Ahn Yujin from IVE, Kim Chaewon from LE SSERAFIM, Hanni from NewJeans, and Sullyoon from NMIXX.

The news sparked discussions among Korean netizens, who expressed their thoughts and opinions:

“It’s adorable how Karina and Sullyoon chose each other as their biases.”

“I agree with Karina’s choices; she has a good eye, especially for picking Hanni from NewJeans.”

“Sullyoon also chose Karina as her bias. She mentioned it twice. Lucky her!”

“Kim Chaewon has also chosen Karina as her bias before. That’s interesting!”

“I wish they could all hang out together. It would be amazing to see such talented idols bonding.”

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