Actor Park Seo Joon Playfully Calls Out His “Doppelganger” on Instagram, Leaving Fans Lauging With Their Funny Interaction

Actor Park Seo Joon has come up with a hilarious and innovative way to promote his upcoming film, ‘Concrete Utopia‘.

On July 21 KST, Park Seo Joon took to his Instagram story to “call out” an mysterious Instagram user. He posted the question, “Who on earth are you?”, and tagged the Instagram page of a user named Minseong (@min_castle0809).

Now, let’s unravel the mystery of Minseong.

Looking at his profile, it reads, “Nick and Judy couple’s newlywed life.”

In the description of his profile image, it says, “A cherry blossom date with Myunghwa in the neighborhood. Kekeke the way she’s hiding behind me is kinda cute.”

So, who is Minseong? Minseong is the fictional character portrayed by Park Seo Joon in the highly anticipated disaster film ‘Concrete Utopia’!

In the movie’s plot, Minseong is married to Myunghwa, played by actress Park Bo Young. It appears that Minseong‘s Instagram account was created as part of the movie’s promotional efforts.

Whether a fictional persona or not, Park Seo Joon seems to take the existence of a doppelgänger quite seriously.

On Minseong‘s Instagram, he wrote, “I asked, who on earth are you. You know what, let’s never meet in real life. Otherwise, one of us might be in real danger.

Meanwhile, ‘Concrete Utopia’ is set to hit theaters across South Korea on August 9!



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