Netizens Compare Suzy’s Styling In “2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards” Vs. “59th Baeksang Arts Awards”, And Point Out The Difference

Netizens couldn’t help but notice a familiar change in Suzy‘s makeup style as she graced a prestigious event.

On May 10 KST, an observant netizen shared a captivating post titled, “Suzy’s Baeksang and Blue Dragon Awards Styling Comparison” on a popular online community forum.

The post featured various snapshots of Suzy from her recent appearances at the ‘2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards‘ and ‘59th Baeksang Arts Awards‘.

At the ‘59th Baeksang Arts Awards‘, Suzy unveiled a daring makeup makeover that left fans in awe.

However, this transformation sparked controversy, with some netizens questioning whether it was the right move for the beloved star.

In contrast, Suzy‘s makeup at the ‘2nd Blue Dragon Series Awards‘ took a different direction, embracing her softer and more delicate look again. Her mesmerizing doe eyes shone, complemented by a pop of color on her lips.

As Suzy‘s beauty took center stage with this makeup switch-up, netizens flooded the comments section with their admiration and thoughts:

“Wow, Suzy looks absolutely stunning!”

“Upon close inspection, she actually has a noticeable mole near her eyes, and it adds to her charm. Fascinating!”

“Both looks are great, but it seems like #2 has the public’s vote! 😄”

“She’s just breathtakingly beautiful!”

“She looks like she’s back in her 20’s again. Timeless beauty!”

“It’s amazing to see Suzy pulling off such diverse styles. #1 is a whole new level!”

“#2 Suzy is a vision. I’m in awe!”

“Bae Suzy’s face is simply divine, a true goddess!”

“Suzy always manages to look stunning. #2 is just too mesmerizing!”

“Her makeup was on point today, but I personally preferred her #1 look. It’s so unique!”

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