NewJeans’ Minji displays her perfect beauty even in the B cuts of her “Vogue Korea” pictorial

NewJeansMinji showcased her remarkable appearance in a recent release by Vogue Korea.

The pictorials unveiled Minji‘s timeless beauty, as she elegantly styled her hair in an updo and paired it with a shirt ensemble.

Her captivating eyes and sharp nose were accentuated, creating a mesmerizing and ethereal ambiance.

The addition of a tweed jacket, along with a ribbon hairband and accessories, added a touch of luxury and showcased a different facet of her charm compared to her previous photos.

Since her debut with NewJeans, Minji has garnered significant attention for her stunning looks, often being compared to the beauty of Olivia Hye.

In February of this year, Minji became the prestigious French brand Chanel‘s new face, actively representing them as an ambassador in the fields of beauty, fashion, and jewelry.

Following the release of the pictorials, several photos of Minji were shared on an online community under the post titled “WOW VOGUE MINJI IS SERIOUSLY THE BEST“.

Netizens flooded the comments section with compliments, praising her beauty and expressing their admiration:

“Her appearance as a Chanel model is absolutely perfect.”

“Minji embodies the unique and classic vibe of Chanel so well… Chanel-Minji is the best.”


“I’ve never seen the first picture before. She’s incredibly beautiful.”

“She’s truly legendary.”

“She possesses a truly classical beauty.”

“Her head shape is simply amazing, how is it even possible?”

“Whoa, what’s with the first pic? She looks exceptionally pretty.”

“Her nose bridge and forehead are seriously stunning.”

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