SEVENTEEN Mingyu becomes an internet sensation after HYBE implements a “misogynistic” rule for &TEAM

The fansign for SEVENTEEN was held just a few days after that of &TEAM.

Fansign events are the best place to meet stars, and of course, some of the best parts are when fans bring cute clothes and other gifts for the members.

&TEAM, the newest group from HYBE, had a fansign event not too long ago.

In the tweet, a person who went to the event said that the &Team fansign had to follow strict rules.

The tweet got a lot of attention after the OP said that all of the fansigns had been looked at by staff and that one had been refused because it was “slightly girly.”

“Guys, the rules for &Team fansigns are so different that I can’t get used to them…They wrote down all 100 names, picked the pages to be signed in the album, put indexes for all nine members, and got everything ready.Even before the event, they told us to put our fansigns in a basket…
They are very careful with our IDs, too LOL.Wait hahahahaThey didn’t like my headband because it had a ribbon on it. They said that anything even a little bit girly is not okay lololol.My fansign is being looked at right now…”— OP

It wasn’t strange that the retweets were shocked, and Korean netizens shared videos of idols happily taking things or doing things that could be called “feminine.”

What does that have to do with Mingyu from SEVENTEEN?

A few days after the tweet was posted, SEVENTEEN had their own fansign event in Macau.

One fan responded to the original tweet by sending a video of Mingyu from the event, where the idol was wearing a floral wedding veil.

Even in pictures of him wearing the toy, Mingyu looked like he was having a great time.

When the clip was posted, people from all over the world and Korea had a lot to say about it.

One foreign fan in particular said that the video went viral because he didn’t seem to care that he was using “feminine” props.

It wasn’t just Mingyu, though. During the whole event, the members of SEVENTEEN had fun with the fans and used props, regardless of “Gender stereotypes.”

When Jeonghan put on a white wedding veil, she even drove the people crazy.

Fansign events are all about having fun, so it seems very wrong that HYBE made a rule about “girly” things for &TEAM, especially since many idols like to wear them and pose for fans while doing so to make them smile.



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