Highlight’s Dongwoon’s supporters come out in full force, refute the need for an apology regarding his marriage news

Netizens unite in defense of Highlight‘s Dongwoon,

Highlight‘s Dongwoon recently took to YouTube to apologize to his fans after news of his upcoming marriage surfaced.

In his sincere message, he expressed regret for the delayed greeting and nervousness he displayed during the live session, aiming to address any concerns or anger caused by his engagement.

Dongwoon openly admitted to feeling anxious about the potential misinterpretation of his written words and opted for a live broadcast to convey his thoughts and stories more accurately.

He sincerely apologized to his fans, acknowledging that the sudden news of his marriage might have caused them distress and confusion, affecting their sleep and eating patterns.

Dongwoon empathized with their feelings and understood the need for time to process the news.

Moreover, Dongwoon also expressed remorse for burdening his fellow Highlight members and fans with his decision. He acknowledged the weight it placed on them and extended a heartfelt apology.

He assured everyone that he would strive to do his best and appreciated the messages he had received, emphasizing that he was taking time to reflect on them.

While some fans criticized Dongwoon for not reading a prepared letter during his apology, others expressed concerns that his marriage might disrupt Highlight’s upcoming comeback activities.

However, Korean netizens on various media portals, including Naver and Nate, have come to the defense of the idol. They criticized his fans and questioned why his marriage news would be something to apologize for.

Several comments from netizens included:

“Is getting married something to be sorry about? I don’t know…geez.”

“If they’re true fans, they should congratulate him.”

“He didn’t deceive his fans or openly flaunt his relationship on social media. It’s not a shotgun wedding, and he’s not even leaving the group. I don’t understand why he has to apologize for getting married. Do his fans expect him to remain single until retirement?”

Why is he apologizing? Should his fans also avoid getting married and live alone forever?”

“They’re crossing the line.”

“He’s already in his thirties. It’s a good age to get married. It’s not like he committed adultery or something. Why does he need to apologize?”

Meanwhile, Highlight‘s agency, Around US Entertainment, confirmed that Dongwoon would continue actively promoting as a group member even after his marriage.



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