The Givers’ CEO Ahn Sung Il faces backlash for his “childish” Instagram Story amidst ongoing feud with FIFTY FIFTY and ATTRAKT

The dispute involving FIFTY FIFTY, ATTRAKT, and The Givers continues to escalate as new information emerges.

Over the past few days, numerous reports have shed light on the ongoing feud between FIFTY FIFTY‘s agency, ATTRAKT, and the production company, The Givers.

The controversy initially arose when FIFTY FIFTY‘s label claimed that an external agency had attempted to poach the group, following news of the girl group’s hiatus due to health concerns.

In response, ATTRAKT CEO Jun Hong Joon disclosed that The Givers, the company responsible for music production outsourced by ATTRAKT, was the entity trying to recruit the FIFTY FIFTY members.

As the saga unfolded, it was revealed that all four members had filed for a provisional injunction to suspend their exclusive contract with ATTRAKT, and they even trademarked the group’s name and their own stage names.

Amidst this ongoing controversy, The Givers’ CEO Ahn Sung Il made a social media post that is now sparking significant discussion in various online communities.

CEO Ahn Sung Il shared a scene from the movie ‘John Wick‘ and captioned it “consequences,” seemingly implying retaliation against ATTRAKT.

This recent post by The Givers’ CEO has triggered a barrage of comments from Korean internet users.

Most online users criticize the CEO for his immature behavior, expressing sentiments such as:

“What’s the big deal?”
“He’s acting like a child.”
“Is there any new information today?”
“Haha, this guy never changes.”
“Tsk tsk.”
“Haha, sure, consequences.”
“Please keep quiet and stop embarrassing yourself online.”
“What is he doing as an adult?”
“Is he going through a moody midlife crisis?”
“He needs to grow up.”
“We praised him for the song, but now I’m starting to dislike him.”
“He’s behaving like a little kid.”

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