“She should reconsider” — MAMAMOO Hwa Sa’s Former Agency Earns Praise for Expertly Hiding Her Relationship for 5 Years!

Netizens praise MAMAMOO Hwa Sa‘s former agency for how they managed to keep her relationship hidden for five years

According to an article published on the morning of June 30 KST, it was reported by an exclusive media outlet that Hwa Sa, a member of MAMAMOO, is in a relationship with a non-celebrity businessman who is 12 years older.

The report claims that the two have been dating for five years and that Hwa Sa was the one who initiated the relationship.

After the report was released, numerous news outlets attempted to get comments from Hwa Sa‘s agency, RBW. However, the agency only provided a brief statement saying, “Confirming.

Just a few days earlier, on June 27, RBW had announced that Hwa Sa had decided not to renew her contract, and as a result, the company would be ending its management duties for her by the end of June.

Interestingly, on the last day of June (June 30 KST), news of Hwa Sa‘s alleged relationship with a non-celebrity became a major headline. Some netizens speculate whether this timing is a mere coincidence.

Many netizens are now questioning the absence of a stronger response from RBW to address the media reports, especially considering that Hwa Sa‘s next contract with a new management has not yet been finalized.

This has led to suggestions that she was left relatively “unprotected” from the disclosure of private information that was known only to insiders.

Here are some comments from observers:

“RBW did a surprisingly good job as an idol management company if they managed to keep this hidden for five years.”

“If they have been dating for five years, it’s likely that many people close to them knew about it. The company must have done a good job of keeping it under wraps until now.”

“As soon as the company withdrew from managing her, the reporters pounced.”

“Considering it’s been five years, it’s hard to believe there was a reporter out there who didn’t know about this.”

“This situation highlights how important the company’s role is in monitoring the artists’ private lives for valid reasons.”

“It’s actually surprising that not many outsiders were aware of this. Maybe the company did some things right after all.”

“I just hope this revelation won’t become a reason for her new management to negotiate a lower contract fee.”

“I don’t think this will have a significant impact on where Hwa Sa is right now. She has a strong artist image. However, if this news had gone public earlier, it could have affected MAMAMOO as a whole.”

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