Netizens think Choi Ye Na’s new single album title track “Hate Rodrigo” feels like low-level trolling Olivia Rodrigo

Netizens were unimpressed with the concept of Choi Ye Na‘s new single album titled track, “Hate Rodrigo“.

Following the release of Choi Ye Na’s highlight medley and teaser concept photos for her upcoming single album, many netizens expressed discomfort with the concept of the track, which seemed to take a dig at the American singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo.

The title track, “Hate Rodrigo,” not only caused a stir but also drew attention to the striking similarities between the scenes and photos used for Choi Ye Na’s album and Olivia Rodrigo‘s music video scenes and ‘Sour‘ album cover photo, raising suspicions.

Netizens shared their thoughts, expressing concerns such as, “Aren’t they too close in age for her to be doing an ‘homage’ to the artist?” and “This feels like low-level trolling.”

They also questioned the use of the word ‘hate‘ and wondered if Choi Ye Na went too far with her approach.

The comments from netizens included:

“It seems strange that she would choose to emulate an artist who is around the same age as her. It feels like she’s trying too hard.”

This concept is just petty and unnecessary. Why would she stoop to this level?”

“I understand what she’s trying to convey, but using the word ‘hate’ seems too extreme.”

“I think Choi Ye Na went overboard with this concept. It’s not a good look.”

“I’m disappointed by the lack of originality in Choi Ye Na’s concept. It’s like a cheap imitation of Olivia Rodrigo.”

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