“It might be true” Viewers Urge Song Ji Hyo to Step Down from being a host of ‘Running Man’, Here’s why

In a recent turn of events, popular actress Song Ji Hyo finds herself at the center of a growing debate surrounding her continued presence on the long-running SBS variety program ‘Running Man.’

Critics claim that her role on the show has become indistinguishable from that of a mere backdrop, leading to calls for her replacement.

Having secured her position as a fixed member of ‘Running Man‘ in July 2010,Song Ji Hyo has successfully maintained her role for an impressive 13 years.

Her most recent appearance on the show, aired on June 25th, showcased her participation in various activities alongside the other ‘Running Man‘ members, such as quiz-solving, tasting Kongguksu (cold soybean noodle soup), and engaging in a warm-up basketball match.

Unfortunately, Song Ji Hyo‘s contribution during the episode left much to be desired. Despite the predominantly male-focused nature of the basketball match, her presence seemed overshadowed even when compared to fellow female cast member Jeon So Min.

This lackluster performance has sparked a wave of discontent among viewers, leading to a surge in complaints on online platforms.

Criticisms such as labeling her as a mere backdrop, questioning her effectiveness, and calling for her departure, have become increasingly prevalent.

Controversies surrounding Song Ji Hyo‘s attitude on ‘Running Man‘ are not new, as similar issues have been raised consistently.

Concerns about her lackadaisical approach to the show and a notable decrease in her presence compared to other members have come to the forefront.

Consequently, demands for Song Ji Hyo‘s departure continue to mount. Viewers argue that if she no longer wishes to partake in variety shows, she should voluntarily step down.

Some express that despite potential difficulties due to international fans, her apparent lack of enthusiasm for the show is disheartening, and a reduction in appearance fees might be necessary.

In essence, some viewers perceive Song Ji Hyo as being reduced to a mere backdrop on ‘Running Man.’

Dedicated fans have also chimed in with their suggestions. One long-time supporter acknowledged their openness to seeing Song Ji Hyo on variety shows but emphasized that her shyness and reluctance to take the lead have become glaringly apparent on ‘Running Man.’

Furthermore, they pointed out that her role on the show noticeably diminished after Gary’s departure, suggesting that Song Ji Hyo needs to establish her own concept and reclaim her variety show prowess.

While acknowledging the difficulties she may face, they contend that if it were any other program, she would likely have already left.

The netizen emphasized that Song Ji-hyo herself is likely aware of the situation. However, they believe that she cannot simply leave due to the individual members being an integral part of ‘Running Man’s identity. Instead, they urge the production team to find a way to reestablish Song Ji-hyo’s distinct concept on the show, rather than treating her as a backdrop.

This post has ignited heated debates among ‘Running Man’ viewers, with conflicting opinions clashing. Nevertheless, the consensus remains that Song Ji-hyo’s presence on the show has become indistinct.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo faces unrelated challenges regarding her former agency, U-JayRock Works, and unpaid settlement funds. After terminating her contract with U-JayRock Works in April, she filed a complaint against the company’s CEO, Mr. A, for embezzlement in May. Throughout this process, Song Ji-hyo personally covered her staff’s wages and expenses, earning praise from the public.

It is important to note that Song Ji-hyo’s appearance fees on ‘Running Man’ are paid directly to her and are unrelated to the ongoing situation


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