Former IZ*ONE Member Kim Min Ju Sparks Conversation Among Netizens with Recent Choices: “Is She Missing Out on Opportunities?”

Kim Min Ju, a former member of the popular girl group IZ*ONE, has become the topic of conversation among netizens.

On June 25, a netizen posted on an online community forum titled “It’s Honestly a Shame for Kim Min Ju” expressing their disappointment and concern about Kim Min Ju‘s current career choices.

The netizen wrote, “If she had started with LE SSERAFIM , she would have been in the Jang-Ka-Sul line and it would have been her rise to the top, so it’s a shame. She could always become an actress later on in her job..just why?“.

They further added that she could pursue acting later in her career and questioned why she made the choices she did.

In response to this post, netizens left several comments, including the following:

“It is indeed disheartening to see her hiding herself during her youthful and beautiful days. Jo Yuri, who is the same age as her, is gradually building her career, starting from going solo to starring in web-dramas, and now she’s cast in Squid Game 2. Kim Min Ju, on the other hand, has not achieved any significant milestones apart from being an MC on Music Core.”

“I feel like it would be difficult for someone with her looks to become a successful actress. Do you understand what I’m trying to say? Park Soo Jin and Lee Joo Bin have a similar vibe to Kim Min Ju. Both of them are stunning and their acting is decent, but they give off more of a second lead/first love vibe rather than lead roles. She might have been better off pursuing a career as an idol.”

“I mentioned LE SSERAFIM because they did offer her a spot in the group. I didn’t expect people to feel uncomfortable about it. I didn’t mean to say that I wanted her in LE SSERAFIM at any cost; I simply meant that I would prefer to see her as an idol. When I watch her IZ*ONE videos, she excels in various idol concepts and she’s genuinely a beautiful kid who belongs on stage.”

“What’s regrettable about this is that she never had any particular talents or skills.”

“Please stop bringing up LE SSERAFIM. Only older men seem to want her in the group. Seriously, if you’re a fan, you should support her regardless.”

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