“Her face gradually got bigger” — Red Velvet’s Yeri changing appearance over the years receives attention

A netizen has recently highlighted the noticeable change in the appearance of Red Velvet‘s Yeri since her debut.

The post on the online community platform, Pann, quickly became a hot topic, garnering over 152,000 views by the afternoon of June 20th.

Alongside the article, several comments from Korean netizens were shared, expressing their thoughts on the matter.

Comments from Korean netizens:

“In comparison to her earlier days, it seems like she has undergone lip augmentation.”

“When you think about it, Irene has always excelled at self-care. She consistently looks her best.”

“Yeri is only 25 years old, but her facial features seem to have gradually become more prominent.”

“There’s a resemblance in her style that reminds me of IU.”

“Yeri’s current appearance brings to mind Chloë Grace Moretz.”

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