“He made a controversial comment” Song Joong Ki’s Recent Activities Overshadowed by Hate Comments and Criticism from International Fans

“It’s all because of what people have said about his family and work in the past!”

Recent things that Song Joong Ki has done have been overshadowed by hateful comments and complaints from fans around the world.

Song Joong Ki has always been a well-liked actor, and his marriage to Katy Louise Sanders and the birth of their son have brought him even more love. But new comments have changed the way people feel.

A Chinese conversation with the actor made people argue online before the birth of his child.

Song Joong Ki‘s answer about how balancing work and family would affect him got a lot of attention when he was asked about it.

“In this business, sometimes being a father or a husband means you lose your job. Being a dad, having a baby, and being married to a woman make it look like I’m losing my job more and more in this business.Song Joong Ki

When the interview came out, people on the Internet called him insensitive and said that his family life affected his job as a male actor.

“He’s full of himself. He stinks.

“The fact that a man, not even a woman, is saying this makes me LOL. Even if his fans stop liking him, his job won’t change.”

Even though his words seemed to get a lot of attention from Korean netizens, it seems that fans from other countries were quick to criticize him.

Netizens from all over the world are especially interested in the actor’s latest activities, which have been posted online. This is because he has been seen hanging out with K-Pop stars.

Song Joong Ki went to the Louis Vuitton show in Paris on June 20 (local time).

Fans liked many of the posts about the actor because they liked how he looked, but they didn’t like how he interacted with K-Pop stars.

Song Joong Ki was seen with NCT‘s Yuta and GOT7‘s BamBam, who were also at the same event.

Since all three stars are well-known, it wasn’t surprising that the media got a lot of their interactions with each other.


#yuta with song joongki and bambam

♬ greedy – ༻✦༺

Many of the videos were also shared on TikTok, which is where the bad comments came from. Videos of the stars together were shared on the social media site.

After the controversial interview, a lot of hateful comments called the star a “Red Flag.” Many joked that they wanted Yuta and BamBam to “Run away” from the star and what he said.

Some people even wrote that they didn’t know who Song Joong Ki was or had forgotten who he was.

Many people thought the comments were rude, especially when they thought about how his divorce affected him as a male actor and how it affected Song Hye Kyo‘s work more.



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