“They did not use it to promote NCT 127 Solo Albums” NCT 127 Fans Outraged Over SM Entertainment Stealing of the Group’s TikTok Account

“It’s crazy that SM used 127’s TikTok account without permission.”

Fans of NCT 127 have bad things to say about SM Entertainment.

On June 20, a post called “NCT 127 Fans Are Angry at SM for Sending This Promotional Email” spread like wildfire.

In the post, the source says that SM Entertainment sent an email about NCT Dream to fans of NCT 127 from around the world.

The author then talks about a few other times when NCT 127 fans got emails about ads for NCT Dream and SuperM.

The post’s author then shows how SM Entertainment took advantage of NCT 127 fans in another way.

“The American marketing company didn’t just make a simple mistake here. 127 has been through this before. SM Entertainment took over NCT 127‘s Japanese TikTok account and is now using it as the NCT Group’s Japanese TikTok account. Fans found out about this in March, but 127 of them chose not to tell anyone and let it go.— Writer

The person who wrote the post goes on to explain why NCT 127 fans find these violations to be especially bad.

“What’s wrong with letting people know about other NCT events? The only group with an American name is NCT 127. (SM Entertainment) has been using information about American site users to sell other units.” — Writer

The author of the post then says that the label hasn’t sent any emails about Taeyong and NCT DoJaeJung‘s records, even though they’ve told NCT 127 fans about other unite promotions.

On top of that, when Taeyong and DoJaeJung released an album, there were no mail or streaming promos.” — Writer

Netizens came together to show how upset they were with SM Entertainment. Many people were shocked when they found out that the label didn’t tell 127 fans about Taeyong and NCT DoJaeJung‘s records.

“I really, really dislike this.”

“It really bothers me that they didn’t do anything to help DoJaeJung and Taeyong.”

“I really don’t like it. Fans in the United States and Europe have been waiting for 127 for a long time.

“It’s crazy that SM took 127’s TikTok.

“I would have understood if they had promoted the album by DoJaeJung and Taeyong, but the label is really making a mess of things.”

“Just when it seemed like NCT Dream would get a foothold in other countries, they had to be attacked because of their name. SM Entertainment is really, really bad.”

NCT Dream has its own account, so I can see why fans would be upset, but I don’t think it’s a big deal.”

“I can’t believe that they didn’t promote DoJaeJung and Taeyong‘s album.”

“SM Entertainment has hurt the feelings of fans so many times.”

“I can’t believe they didn’t do anything to help DoJaeJung and Taeyong.”

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