“The nostalgia of this drama is Top-tier!” The ratings for the K-drama “King the Land” are going up as Netizens start to like it more

The story took a different turn.

The pilot shows of King The Land, which stars Yoona of Girls’ Generation and Lee Jun Ho of 2PM, just came out.

At first, people who watched episode one didn’t like it. Many people thought it was silly and said the writing was like old plays.

People said that the story was out of date and that the plot was just a bunch of old ideas.

Even though the story got off to a bad start, it seems to be getting better. Between the first and second shows, ratings have gone up by a lot.

Nielsen Korea said that 7.5% of paid households in the whole country watched the second show. On June 18, 2023, the show aired. This is a 2.4% rise from the first episode’s rating of 5.1%.

As people have had time to think about the drama since the second episode, the reaction has recently changed. A lot of people like the show!

“All of the shows my mom watches do well. The show is fun for my parents.”

“So many people said bad things about it, but I guess it’s fun. Congrats.”

“It reminds me of old romantic comedies. It’s cool. Both Lee Jun Ho and Yoona are cute and smart. It’s a good light story to watch.”

“Even if it’s beaten to death, the numbers prove it.”

“It seems like an old-fashioned, cliched story like kimchi stew. You can watch it in comfort.

“It looks like fun since the numbers are going up. The first episode was criticized, but the second episode is different. I thought I saw people saying bad things about it in posts that were good about it, but it seems to have become more famous.”

“I thought it would be successful. The things in it are funny and easy to watch.”

“I didn’t like how much it was getting criticized, but judging by how well it’s doing in the polls, everything is fine now.”

“It is so cliched and silly, but some people watch it because of that.”

In King The Land, Yoona plays a hotel owner named Cheon Sarang who has a cute smile. She gets into the famous King Group Hotel and becomes involved with Gu Won (Junho), the hotel’s owner. Gu Won does not like fake smiles.



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