(G)I-DLE’s Miyeon receives praise from a former classmate for confronting the bully at school

“You might forget me…”

Miyeon of (G)I-DLE recently got a lot of attention after a former classmate said that Miyeon had stood up to their bullies.

Miyeon‘s Middle School classmate told Miyeon on June 10 that they had been bullied badly and that one of their bullies had stolen their new jacket.

I went to school with Miyeon. I was in the same class as her. I was getting picked on a lot at the time, and one of my bullies asked to take my new windbreaker jacket and didn’t give it back for three days”.— One of Miyeon’s classmates

The idol’s schoolmate then said that the bully gave them the guts to ask for their jacket back after their parents asked about it.

Miyeon, a classmate who was going by when she heard a classmate ask their bully to give back the jacket, said that she heard the request.

When Miyeon heard this, she stood up to the bully and told them to give back the jacket right away.

“My folks didn’t know that someone had taken my new jacket, so they kept asking me why I wasn’t wearing it. I couldn’t tell them that it had been stolen, so the next day I worked up the courage to ask for it back.
Miyeon was walking by when she heard this, so she told the bully that if they had borrowed her jacket, they should give it back right away.
“— One of Miyeon’s classmates.

The classmate then said that the bully gave back their jacket because of Miyeon. The friend went on to say that, even though that happened 12 years ago, they still remembered it like it happened yesterday. They thanked the hero again and wished her the best.

“I got my jacket back after that. Even though it’s been 12 years, I still remember that event very well. You may not remember me or what happened, but I really appreciated it. I was so grateful I couldn’t even put it into words. I’ll always back you, Miyeon!”— One of Miyeon‘s classmates

Some people on the Internet said that the schoolmate was making up the story, but she showed that she wasn’t by giving details that only a student at the school would know.

“I went to Majeon Middle School. Miyeon‘s classroom was on the second floor of the left building, on the right side of the stairs. My classroom was right next to hers, in the middle. Either Room 4 or Room 8 was where I was. Miyeon was a trainee at YG Entertainment at the time, and other students looked up to her. Because of this, the bullies didn’t do anything to me to get back at me. I remember her as a quiet student who didn’t hang out with many people. I was in the next classroom, so I don’t know much about her group of friends back then. But I know she didn’t hang out with bad people and stayed out of the spotlight at school.” — One of Miyeon‘s classmates

Miyeon‘s classmate also posted a picture of the singer from their yearbook.

Netizens praised the star for standing up to a bully, saying things like, “I really like Miyeon,” “She’s so cool,” “Helping a friend isn’t easy,” and Miyeon went to Majeon Middle School? She is my boo.”

Fans must be glad to hear that Miyeon is beautiful on the inside and outside.



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