“If it’s me, I would freak out!” Fans of Aespa’s Winter are freaking out about a scary, unexpected “guest” on the show

She didn’t know!

The SYNK ROAD reality show by Aespa is a travel show where the members go on different tasks and have fun in different parts of Korea.

So far, there have been 12 shows, and in them, the members of aespa have shared a lot of funny and sweet moments with their fans.

But in one episode of SYNK ROAD, a surprise “guest” showed up, which fans have only recently noticed.

They can’t believe that Winter didn’t seem to notice the intruder!

When people found out about this surprise guest, they posted about it on an online forum, and Winter liked an Instagram post about it.

The “guest” in question was actually a very big, scary-looking wasp that landed on Winter‘s jacket and hair.

Due to the thickness of her fur, Winter didn’t seem to notice that a bug had chosen her as a place to rest.

It looks like the people behind the camera either didn’t see it or didn’t say anything about it, which was probably a good thing since it could have caused some trouble.

No one else would be able to look as cute as Winter does in these pictures with such a scary animal on her back, but she does it!

The wasp hangs out on her jacket for a long time in the clip in the second slide of this Instagram post.

Netizens’ responses to the surprise feature in SYNK ROAD are pretty relatable, and they shared them on a forum post about it.



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